CD and DVD Duplicators and Disc Printers for Churches & Ministries

CD and DVD Duplicators and Disc Printers for Churches & Ministries

Church Ministry (sermons)



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Call Center Recording

State of the art replacement for cassettes, DAT, and tape recordings.

We have extensive experience meeting the unique needs of churches from big to modest budgets.

Our professional sales people will help you make the transition from audio and video cassettes to CD or DVD.

Contact us  to choose the product that is right for you.

If you have any questions please e-mail   or call 2348033442539 2348066416918

We would like to hear from you and will be glad to help your church or ministry pick the right product combinations.

Pre-print the CDs or DVDs .in preparation for the church service or event use a DVD CD Printer to pre-print the message and art work on to your CDs or DVDs.

contact us to order preprinted custom discs.

Record streaming audio from your live event audio with live recorders RACK MOUNT or DVD video with the   live JVC recorder

These systems could be all you need. The 5906EC Live will allow you to record to CD your audio performance, choirs, or other events and instantly make up to 6 CD copies.

Automatically mass produce your pre-printed DVD’s and CDs or manually mass produce we have the technology to help you achieve on the spot productions.

Using the CD’s and DVD’s you pre-printed you can quickly mass produce from the master created by the 5906EC Live or the JVC live recorder in time to hand out to the parishioners as they leave the church or event.