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Combining Premium Original Products with Superior Customer Service

AJ ZION introduced the first automated cd DVD Blu-ray flashdrive memory card printers and duplicators to the African market since year 2000. Today AJ ZION has become the top reseller for data publishing and specialty printing, focusing on combining premium original products with superior customer service. We feature premium optical media, professional data publishing systems and cutting-edge 3D printing equipment, Afinia label equipment. Our professional goal is to become more than just a business supplier, but a valued business partner.

Can a few Information summarize almost 20 years of customer service and satisfied customers? Not at all, but we can truly inform you our valued customer that we specialize in quality products. AJ ZION offers products that go beyond cheaply made alternatives. Our blank media will read and write in every publisher and playback in every player or drive. Our publishers are designed for continuous duty, with amazing print results. Our 3D and label printers give you the highest quality print of any desktop system. We're ready to help become satisfied on your projects.

We've built our client base by helping each customer grow. Some of our largest clients started with us just buying a single product from us, and we are able to support their growth. We're looking forward to helping you too.

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What we sell:


Original Blank
CD/DVD Bluray Discs

We only sell blank discs, dvd cds bluray etc. that will work perfectly.

We only offer products made
by premium manufacturers like Tmicroboards, Taiyo Yuden/CMC Mantle, Falcon

All the print surfaces on these products have been optimized for inkjet, thermal and screen printers

We offer excellent archival grade product that has shelf lives of 50-100 years for DVDs and 300 years for CDs.


Afinia Label 3D Printer Equipment & Supplies

AJ ZION also focuses on offering 3D printers, scanners and consumables
to educational, graphic design and production market through our channels.

We have developed academic curriculum packages which help our customers integrate 3D printing in the classroom.

AJ ZION carries 3D printers from Afinia Label and others, as well as all the support you need in supplies, training and curriculum packages.


Printing and Duplication Equipment

AJ ZION offers expert sales, service and budget pricing on DVD, CD, Blu ray & USB Publishing equipment.

We are the largest Microboards reseller in Africa and can help you find the right solution for all your data distribution and publishing requirements.

Our strength is our ability to point you towards the most productive and cost effective solutions.

What we do:



Shops for lease and sale at Folashade Airport Market, Ikeja along B/Stop. Contact: Zion Real Estate & Properties


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  • Make paints yourself
  • Online classes for African Soup delicacies.

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